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Monday, October 04, 2004
New Gmail Features
This morning, new features appeared in Gmail. The official Gmail new features page just says "New features coming soon!", presumable because they take a while to reach everybody, but I've got them, so here's what I've found:
Contacts list: Moved to the main screen. New list of frequently used contacts
Drafts: You know have the ability to save a draft
Atom: You can now receive your new mail notifications in your RSS reader

The Contacts update and Drafts are features users have been clamoring for for a while, while the Atom notifications are just a brilliant idea. Also, I'm not sure if this is a new feature, but I just noticed it for the first time, but you can set up automatic forwarding of your Gmail to another email inbox. That's everything I've noticed so far. If you see anything, let me know.

I guess the new features page is being rolled out selectively - I still have the old view.

Gary Potter
Yes, I have the old view, too.
I also have the old style, I guess the server I'm on in Gmail doesn't get updated for stuff like this. It sometimes takes a while before it's updated and sometimes it is updated first.
I am also stuck in old mode. Nothing to see here. Move along.
I saw this feature this morning, but it's since disappeared.
There's now a "Add more contact info" link in the contact page. That's cool.
also forwarding based on filters...
Forwarding was not there a few days ago (about a week max) -- I've specifically checked for that, was even hoping I could set one up via rules... Now it is there -- great!
This features, you mentioned appeared no to all users yet. For example my co-worker does not have them, and I have all of them yesturday, but today "atom button" disappered.
Well, I have the Drafts and the new contacts page, but I don't have Atom yet (man, now I want it!)

Atom and Firefox's Live Bookmarks make a great combination!
Can someone who has the Atom button post the URL, in case it works for those of us who don't have the button?
Didn't anyone else see the google notification tool.
It's supposed to reside in the taskbar and alert you to new emails. Although the server was dodgy and I coundn't find the download.
Here's the link, at least as it is in my account:

It's a shame I can't use it, since I use Bloglines, but I'm sure someone will find a way around that problem.
That atom link works for me too - despite me not having the link within the mail interface.
Nathan, why can't the gmail Atom feature be used with Bloglines?
Ariel IMd me (not something I'm used to, but it seems to be happening a lot lately), and here's a bit of what I told her:

Apparently, there are certain feeds that require authentication. The idea it that you need to have the right, and the password, to subscribe to that feed. For example, a feed for the employees of a company, or subscribers to a magazine. Some RSS readers support Atom's authentication method. Bloglines is one of those that does not.

Hopefully this will force Bloglines to add the feature, since Gmail is set to be enormously popular. My friend Keith wishes he had a proper Gmail notifier for his Mac. I was hoping to use it so I could access more than one Gmail account.

I encourage anyone coming here via a link to check out the rest of the site. I've answered many of your possible questions in other posts.
GOOGLE.COM WHERE IS MY OWN GMAIL?, where is my own Gmail you promised me, everybody have been getting theirs! But I am yet to get my own Gmail!.

Please let me know.Live your comments in my webblog below.

My webblog:
Gmail seemed to be the worst run google business. I tried to submit a suggestion for an improvement ( logical not filter, something pretty essential for anyone with lots of mailing lists etc ), and they treated it as a help request. Silly...
I have also written a short story about this in my blog.
I found the download. You'll never guess how. ;-)
The email forwarding to another address is a new feature. It is also possible to check boxes in your contacts and then hit "Compose" in order to send email to several people (or everyone) in one click.

- Stephen
Hey Nathan, you can use feedburner to turn your atom feed to RSS feed and use it in bloglines. I hope that helps.
What does this mean regarding email forwards:

"It's free during the test and you can set it up in seconds"

Taken from

Is this a hint that once Gmail is out of beta, it will be a premium service?
has anyone tried using Feedbuner on a Gmail RSS feed? If that works, its a brilliant idea.

Google has hinted that several Gmail features may cost money when the system goes live. However, in the Playboy interview, Google founders Brina and Page said Gmail would not "be evil" by locking your email away, and would allow you to leave and take it with you whenever you wanted. Conflicting reports all round.
new updates..suggestion to those still apparently with old.
click on options to the right in light blue..and all secrets of forwarding etc are revealed
I'm jealous...I want Gmail too anyone know what the scoop is for the general public release of Gmail or if the test went well enough to warrent release this service???? anyone could fill me in would be great?!?
Thank You
What google doesn't what you to know.
oh thank god i dont have to sign up lol. i have like 50 invites still for gmail so if people still want one, just ask. my yahoo adress is

anyway, i never even THOUGHT that gmail could possibly make it a premium service once its out of beta, so its a relief to hear they said they wont go all evil and lock away messages.

what i want to know is, how on earth can google do this? i mean, its too good to be true. they have an enormous amount of storage, not comparable to any other free email provider out there. shortly after gmail came out, my excite email went from THREE megabytes to 120mb i think it is now. thats a humongous jump and still nowhere near what gmail is offering. plus all the features, free fowarding and pop mail (although i suppose those could be the features they'd charge for, once it goes public)? but still, it just seems to good to be true. it baffles me to try and understand how they could afford this. maybe they're trying to create a monopoly? lol on email. theres got to be a catch somewhere, longterm neway. what do you guys think?
heeyy!!!!!!!! Till i have old features too................

Konakala krishna
HEY EVERYONE i have had the new features forever ....... let me just say that it is not much diff. in them! but its fine!
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