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Thursday, November 04, 2004
Google Releases New AdWords Policies
Google, as expected, finally released its new ad guidelines today. Wisely, they now have a public document that they can point to when not allowing an ad. The expanded guidelines make clear that the following types of ads are out: Obviously, Google is under no obligation to ban nearly half the things on this list. Rather, this is a function of Sergey and Larry's "Don't Be Evil" slogan. Google does not want to let harmful products advertise, even if they are perfectly legal. I can understand why they would do that, but its pretty unnecessary, and not very liberal. It also devalues the search engine, since Google Ads are actually a plus, and if we can't search for Smirnoff and find ads for places to buy it, that may actually make Google less useful. Still, it's their right, and I can agree with it from a moral point of view.
(via Search Engine Watch Blog)

Fireworks, evil?

-- Maurits
Fireworks, illegal. At least in many states.
I am somewhat amused by the "No promoting violence... except against politicians" (anyone in particular, Google?)

-- Maurits
Ha! Google would never encourage violence against any political group!

Unless you're talking about Republicans.
A really weird list without any kind of logic too it. Banning beer, but not wine is just ugly snobbery.
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