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Thursday, August 19, 2004
BugMeNot, We Hardly Knew Yea
Longtime users of Google News like myself probably came to know and love BugMeNot, the website that provides you with bogus email addresses and passwords to use websites that require them. Anyone who didn't want to give out their personal information, receive spam from the New York Times or just didn't want to waste time, could just go to BugMeNot and get a way around that annoyance. Well, don't even bother clicking on that link, because as of yesterday, BugMeNot is gone, something I discovered trying to read Dave Barry's Olympics columns at the Miami Herald. According to boingboing, bugmenot was shut down by its hosting service, saying the site was blocked by Websense's site filtering. Of course, boingboing's sources are a bunch of guys on some forums, so be careful what you believe. Either way, until BugMeNot gets a new host, you can still get into these sites thanks to Mailinator, which provides you with a disposable inbox. I know it

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