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Tuesday, August 17, 2004
Google Games
People love creating games that utilize Google's search engine. One of the most popular is Google Fight, which pits two search terms against each other in a fight to see which is more popular.
Other games involve having people try out different types of searches to see what they could come up with. Scott Niven in his Saltwater Pizza blog came up with The Google Face Game, where you go to Google's Image Search and type in x faces, where x is an adjective. You'll come up with pictures of all sorts of crazy looking people. Google Blogoscoped takes it to a whole nother level, creating a drop down search box that does all the work for you. Check it out. You can get fun results like this:

Everyone can create a Google game. Just send your ideas in and I'll post them.

google u suck u wont let me play games without going threw directon or a hole bunch of stuff and damn is not good for the little kids
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