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Tuesday, August 24, 2004
Google's Hidden Labs
Many of us know about Google Labs, where Google publicly tests out new stuff. Google Labs is based on the fact that Google forces its workers to spend at least a few hours a week doing something that is "not their job". But there are some Google projects that you may have never heard of.
How about Google Print? It was supposed to be a search engine for books. The idea was you could search information that wasn't on the web, and Google would make a bundle helping sell you the book if you wanted it. Eventually, Google took down the search engine, presumably because it just didn't work on its own. They included the books in their regular search results (example) and you could click on them for info and to buy the book (example).
Then there's Google Special Search, where you can search Microsoft, Apple, and universities, among others. Each one even has its own version of the Google logo (the Linux one is pictured above).
A complete list of Google engines doesn't seem to exist. Even Google's Site Map has mistakes, as well as omissions. If you find a Google API, let me know.

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