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Thursday, August 19, 2004
MSN Search Moves Into The Next Phase
Search Engine have become major money makers since Google finally figured out how to make money off of it. Until now, because their search engines were so bad, Yahoo and Microsoft had to license Google's search results so they wouldn't lose customers. But the moment they saw how much money Google was making, they pulled out and began working on more powerful search engines of their own to compete with Google. While Yahoo's has been open for months, Microsoft is taking its time, realizing if their engine can't compete with Google's on day one, it isn't going to get the buzz they want. Good plan from the boys in Redmond. As is, you could have tried out the first bete of the engine, until they took it down yesterday. Now all you get is the little "Sorry" sign and a note how they are going back and adding features and tweaking the technology, acknowledging that this is a tough, ambitious job, and they are playing to win. Should be interesting, because a search engine would at this point have to be a whole new way to look at search just to compete with Google.

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