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Tuesday, August 31, 2004
Search Harder?
SEO Roundtable says there is another new Google feature that I can't reproduce, but they have a link that shows what it does. Apparently, Google has added a button to the bottom of some search engine results pages (SERP) that says "Search Harder". A normal search for cars gives you 83,600,000 results. The "Search Harder" result is 341,000,000 strong (check the URL to see how it differs). What is the difference? The "Search Harder" search is the slowest search Google has ever released. The normal search took a Google-typical 0.23 seconds. This expanded search took 9.54, which is most likely why it is not the normal Google search. Could this be why even though we got our third backlink update of late, we have not seen a PageRank update in months? Has Google's database finally gotten too large for its computing power, and the company cannot make that new database available for fear of losing customers due to reduced speed? Is "Search Harder" a test to see if we will accept a far slower Google? Time will tell.

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