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Friday, August 20, 2004
Some Early Morning Reading
If you are looking for something to read this morning, I've got some good stuff for you. I found all of these articles via Yahoo's new YSearchBlog, which may be pretty but is light on content. However, the blog has a great list of "Industry Sources" that you can use to find great info on the search engine industry, even Google's own blog!
Dan Gillmor gives Google some advice now that they are a publicly traded company, and he's totally on the ball. (via John Battelle's Searchblog)
Think Google always beats Yahoo? Well here's one case where Yahoo is clearly more robust and useful: no limit query search. Google limits searches to 10 terms; no one has found Yahoo's limit. Very unGoogle-like for Google to operate this way, and lets hope they don't let Yahoo keep the upper hand here.
Microsoft Research has some brilliant people working there. Not all the PhDs go to Google. This paper talks about a theoretical system for building a better search engine: Block-level Link Analysis. If you understand technical terms, read the eight page paper. I did, and I gotta say, it's brilliant. If Microsoft can implement this in their next search engine, they've got the first Google-beater we've seen in six years. The wolves are truly at the door. (via SearchEngineBlog)
If anybody has any interesting articles, send them to me. We're all just looking for something to read.

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