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Wednesday, August 18, 2004
The Truth About GoogleWatch
Before somebody decides to mention GoogleWatch to me, I thought I'd address it.
GoogleWatch is a website that purports to be "A look at Google's monopoly, algorithms, and privacy policies". Now, while it does have quite a bit of interesting sounding arguements, it is fundamentally flawed. Why? Because it is not run by some anti-corporation group or privacy watchdog, as explained in Salon. No, GoogleWatch is run by Daniel Brandt, who also runs NameBase, an online database of thousands of citations to influential people. Why does Brandt run GoogleWatch and its sister, "Gmail is too creepy"? Because, as GoogleWatchWatch explains, Daniel is mad at Google for not giving NameBase a high enough PageRank. Since GoogleWatchWatch does a much better job of debunking Brandt's claims than I could, I'll just leave it them to explain the whole situation. But rest assured, Google isn't trying to take over the world. It just wants to make megabucks while changing the reputation of technology companies away from the sneakiness and dishonesty we have seen the last few years.

With genuine concerns about Google, where to air them?
Is everyone aware that most blog sites are owned by Google?
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