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Sunday, September 19, 2004
A9 Gives You A Discount At Amazon
Search Engine News Journal is reporting tha A9 users get a 1.57% discount off all Amazon products. All you need is to be signed in to the engine when you buy stuff. Anyone who hears this and is buying anything from Amazon is just going to feel stupid if they don't, meaning a perfect way to force people to visit the engine at least once. A very good bit of marketing.

In more A9 coverage, my experience with the engine so far isn't very positive. I bought a bunch of books Wednesday, and decided to use A9 to find them. I searched for 7 books, and 5 of them gave me irrelevant search results, even though I was searching with the title and author's name. This was with the Books tab of A9. No matter how good the personalization features and goodies are, Amazon needs its internal search engine for its site to work right, otherwise its just going to look bad. I'll have a full review after some more tinkering with the thing.

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