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Tuesday, September 21, 2004
AOL Robots Try To Take Over The World
Apparently, AOL has had AIM robots for two years now. AIM robots are automated buddies you can IM and ask questions, and the system responds with your answer. Kind of like a more humanized search engine. Now AIM is trying to expand and popularize the program, adding a CitySearch robot, and promoting the existing ones more. Sounds like a novel approach to search. Has anyone used these to great success? Check out a listing of AIM robots here.

robots are the dumbest thing ive ever heard of...if you are that desperate to talk to someone or something, you better find yourself some friends. Geeze
emily should shutup...she would know about having no friends now wouldnt she...i think robots are great things in society and will really help younger people learn how to use computers better, expecially the youngesters...
u guys are both dumb asses...shut the fuck up u assholes!!!...i could care less about ur gay ass robots and you bitch ass punk arguments...just shut the fuck up and leave every1 alone B4 i smack u the hell up bitch!
i agree with kirk...sooo fuck off niggas!
YOu should all just shut the fuck up! The robots suck cock!
ya i agree with robert, kirk, & tyriq. they are fucking gay.
Robots are all gay they should all burn in hell...robots also suck cock and fuck their mama up the ass...die u dumb robots
u r all sooooooooo stupid!!! Stop talkin' trash and say wut u mean!!! SHEESH!!! I like IM robots. If ur friends are off, u can talk. Also, they help w/ homework, find buisnesses, play games and find movie listings. Has it ever occured 2 u that CHILDREN might visit this site?!?!?!?! U all r SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop swearing and go 2 church!!!
umm... i am a kid and... I THINK CUSSING IS AWESOME! i don't care if you guys cuss. plus robots aren't as good as your friends they are just things to keep kids online to waste their time im'ing a robot instead of doing their homework or playing outside or doing something usefull that is how i see it!
a robot sucked my cock once..... or twice
I think aim bots are good. People that dont have internet can use these bots for alot of good things so why dont u just stop cursing and grow up.
robots are REALLY cool. If you say stuff to them it's not like a real person. And if you have nothing to do and your friends aren't online than talk to a robot.
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