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Wednesday, September 08, 2004
Are You In Compliance?
John Battelle has been using AdSense for a few days now on Searchblog, and he has already run into some trouble. He put the title "Paying the Bills" over his AdSense ads, an inocuous phrase in most people's opinions, but not in Google's. They sent him a lettre saying he was "not in compliance" and had to change the wording before he could get any money. Apparently when the AdSense TOS talks about not giving users incentive to click on the ads, it means you cannot even mention that you are getting paid for the ads. That means "Sponsored Links" is okay, but "Visit Our Sponsors" is not. I hope Google doesn't have rules about blog posts talking about the fact that AdSense ads pay the bills, because I've added them to this page, or at least I will have added them when Blogger lets my updated template go through.

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