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Monday, September 06, 2004
Do We Want A Swiss Army Knife For Search?
Danny Sullivan at Search Engine Watch provides the above screen shot as a joke, showing a ridiculous Google in the near future, but then he goes on to make an excellent point: Google cannot keep growing its homepage at the current rate. At the time of the writing of the article, last December, Google had four tabs on its homepage, and he correctly predicted Froogle was next. If Google keeps adding tabs, we'll have a homepage actually more cluttered than the one you see. He makes quick count of Google services at the time, and comes up with 17 possible tabs, and more services, like Gmail, have come around since then. Apparently Ask Jeeves does a much better job with "invisible tabs". Google should think about doing the same. Read the article, it's good for you.
And if Google 2005 isn't enough for you, here's Google Circa 1960

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