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Sunday, September 05, 2004
The Elusive Supplemental Result
I was Googling my friend Azriel to dig up some dirt on him, and I discovered several "Supplemental Result"s. Confused, I searched for them. Naturally, the best answer came from a Google Blogoscoped post from August of last year. In it, he has a (now-removed) portion of Google's FAQ that explains supplemental results. I'll let it do the talking:

"Supplemental Result
Google augments results for difficult queries by searching a supplemental collection of web pages. Results from this index are marked in green as 'Supplemental.'"

-- Google Inc.: How to Interpret Your Search Results

This is one way it will be hard for newcomers to beat Google. Google's cache acts as the "old web", featuring pages no one else has.

FUCK! I hate Google. Those bastards have too much damn money, so they can just go and screw themselves. I can't believe how stupid and rude they act to people (/corporations) with NEW GOD DAMN webpages. Like seriously come on... What kind of idiots are you, Google? Keeping an archive of the whole god damn internet at every single possible state. Fucktards. Anyway, they can go screw themselves. I'm using other search engines that have some GOD DAMN RESPECT FOR MY FUCKING WEBSITE! JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!!
I have to agree with the guy who said "FUCK GOOGLE".
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