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Monday, September 20, 2004
Findory Advances News Aggregators, And More
With personalization being a holy grail for many companies, its nice to see products that do it, and do it right. Findory is like Google News, except personalized. And you don't have to do anything to personalize it. Just register (registration requires a username and password, but no email address, a refreshing change) and every time you read an article, your preferences are automatically adjusted, plus the article you just read is dropped in favor of a new one. Its a great system, and seems to work very well. However, Findory has something else guaranteed to excite some people even more: the Findory Blogory, which is exactly the same as Findory News, except its for blogs. Finally, a news aggregator for blogs, and one that is constantly adjusted to whatever it is you like to read. Even better, you can sign up for an RSS feed to get constantly updated feeds of blogs that talk about things you like, but you may have never heard of. If you ever wanted RSS or already do, this is in my mind the number one way to find new blogs that print what you like. Check it out, it's worth your while.

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