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Saturday, September 04, 2004
France, You Will Be The Death Of Me
Eric Lebeau at Zorgloob has officially ruined my life, giving me a reason to jump headfirst into the world of Google Translation Tools. I'm kidding about the ruining my life part, of course. It's just that his blog has exactly the kind of news I'm looking for, and the added "fun" of translating it. Today, he posts about the cover of Technikart magazine (yup, its French too), which is about Google. The best thing is that the cover has a photo of Arnold Schwarzenegger in his bodybuilding prime and the great headline "Google, It Is Stronger Than You!". From the article synopis (which is barely readable in translation), it seems to be a deep, comprehensive look at Google. Now if only I could have the "enjoyment" of translating the whole article.

*UPDATE - Sebism over at the LiveJournal InsideGoogle has posted a translation of the entire cover synopsis. I've posted his translation in the comments.

Here's Sebism's translated synopsis:page 9 Battle: Virginie Despentes vs Jean-Hubert Gailliot ?

page 13 Does Tom Cruise know how to hold a gun ?
page 14 Guy Carlier
page 16 France 3 against Fogiel
page 20 champions of do-it-yourself
page 22 should Interpol be relooked ?
page 24 Steven Seagal's real life
page 26 Prodigy
page 28 should Björk shut up?
page 30 social networking
page 32 The truth about « Y a que la vérité qui compte ! »
page 34 is Gonzales a beast at piano ? should Dieudonné be protected ?
page 36 the media side of Fabrice Pliskin
page 38 Guests : Philippe Jaenada and Philippe Vasset
page 40 trashoscope : every month, our favorites faces we want to slap ?

reports and investigations
page 42 24 hours with The Sopranos
page 48 Jean-François Coen, the evil singer
page 52 the horrible truth about Yann Moix
page 56 Pavillons, shit and Playstation : welcome to the soft suburbs
page 64 This is not a tee-shirt : Why Che, it's even more than that
page 70 Eco-citizens : a fist fight on top of the trees
page 78 How do we sell a book ?
page 84 Literary re-opening : the best of
page 94 investigations on the mystery-book of the re-opening

front cover
page 98 Google, it's stronger than you ! Investigation on the californian neo-capitalist hormones inflated
page 104 The return of the giant start-up
page 106 Blind Giant : Why Google, the search engine, doesn't see (almost) a single thing
page 107 How I googled my ex
page 108 Got Googlism?
page 110 Does Google makes idiots intelligent ?
page 111 « Google, it is the insecurity of knowledge », tells us Nico Stehr

Selector, the book of pure criticism
page 114 music
page 118 books
page 122 ideas
page 124 cinema & DVD
page 128 television
page 132 art
page 136 video games

Style genre
page 141 letters to the editor
page 142 the return of the stuff
page 144 Nightitude
page 146 the anti-questionnaire/survey of Joana Preiss ?

Then he says:I'm going to buy it in the afternoon...

I'm hoping he's interested in translating the whole article, but this is pretty darn impressive already.
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