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Saturday, September 25, 2004
Get Your GBrowser Rumors Here!
How badly are the GBrowser rumors coming? I must get 10-20 posts in my Bloglines notifier alone every day on the subject, and twice as many on Findory. I've avoided the speculation, since there isn't any actual news, and in the news business, it has to be novel. Today, we have actual evidence. Zorgloob point to, which, as the URL suggests, is the Mozilla interface for Google. It won't work in IE, so try another browser. I ran it in Firefox, and its so fast it makes the regular Google look as slow as a turtle. A dead turtle.

Also, Zorgloob had a joke too good to pass up. Talking about international versions of Froogle, Zorgloob says, "Je pense que les Allemands arriveront avant les Fran├žais", which loosely translates to, "I think the Germans will arrive before the French." I find it funny, but I refuse to say why.

Nathan - that interface has been around for quite some time. There is even a bug report at Mozilla dated back in early 2001.
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