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Wednesday, September 08, 2004
My Alternate Ads
I spent so much time picking sites for my alternate ads, that I felt they needed to be shown off. They make for a decent list of links for humorous and fun sites. I will update them every so often, and if anyone has a good suggestion I'll take it. There is one condition: It cannot be a major corporate site that makes plenty of money. I'll link to your friend's funny page, but not to the New York Times'. My friend is uploading them to his site as a favor, but I need a more permanent host. The scripts are only 1-2k, and will rarely be used, so if anyone will offer to host them, it would be a huge help. Here are the ads.
Because Google has no ads, here's some fun stuff!
X-Entertainment: 80's nostalgia and side-splitting humor - All those stupid internet rumors debunked

Because Google has

no ads, here's

some fun stuff!
Dave Barry's blog - It's good! You'll laugh so hard you'll never come back here. Wait, don't go!
The Dullest Blog In The World - You'll laugh at how sad it is
Computer Stupidities - (supposedly) real stories of stupid people who don't know their way around computers
The 419 Eater - Scamming those scammers... and having a good laugh while doing it!

Because Google has no ads, here's some fun stuff!
Masturbate For Peace - Using self-love to End Conflict - A parody of by National Lampoon
The Automatic Insult Generator - Trash talk for every occasion
The - Baseball news in the style of The Onion

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