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Wednesday, September 22, 2004
Notes On InsideGoogle
A few little notes on this blog:

First, InsideGoogle has 30 posts on each page. In spite of this being a relatively high number, because I post many times per day, this only includes the last two and a half days. I'm afraid raising that number will only increase people's bandwidth, so I hope readers are checking the archives. I scour the web like a madman for Google, search engine, and other web/tech news, so I hope people are reading it. If anybody has opinion on that or any design choice I make, speak up. Consider me open to anything.

Also, I've noticed Google is not indexing this page properly. Thirty days in, and a search still only turns up two results, and the only post page it finds is a relatively recent one. InsideGoogle started as a LiveJournal site, but is now a Blogspot site with the LJ site just for a backup. Since Google is seemingly ignoring the Blogspot site, perhaps considering it duplicate content, I have to block Google from seeing the LiveJournal site. As a result, I am blocking spiders to the site. Hopefully, that solves the problem. If not, I'll have to make a decision on whether to keep the LJ site. Sorry guys, but Google listings are serious business.

Lastly, I picked up a referrer domain for this site. Typing in will bring you right here. I figured its a neat little courtesy for those who don't use bookmarks. Now you can save eight characters! Also, it has always been my plan to move this site to a proper domain if the right funding came through. While is preferrable, some company called "The Web Freaks" snatched it up, seemingly to sell it, probably to some poor shlub like me. So I can always use the .info if need be.

That's enough about me. Now back to your regularly scheduled InsideGoogle news!

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