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Wednesday, September 15, 2004
Search Engine Focus Groups
Recently, sessions were held at Search Engine Strategies San Jose called "Inside the Searcher's Mind", where experts from Enquiro, Vividence, iProspect and Google were able to question users as to what they were thinking when they made searches. By better understanding how we search, the industry can better understand what we need. Probably, someone also realized that this information can also be used to break the mold, which is always a good thing. Among the fascinating things discovered were that women more than men stop at the first page of search results, Google users are more satisfied with their results, amd that practically nobody clicks on "I'm Feeling Lucky". Apparently, Google has polled, and although no one uses it, everybody wants it to stay. I think "I'm Feeling Lucky" is more of a brand thing, like a logo, than actually useful, which is why it is well-liked. Anyway, read the article. Paid members get to read a longer version.
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