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Wednesday, September 01, 2004
Should Google Go The Portal Route?
Motley Fool's Rick Munarriz says Google should become a portal like Yahoo. David Meier has been arguing against the idea, saying Google should concentrate on different types of search, rather than new services, like it has been doing. Realistically, aren't they both making the same arguements? Google, rather than providing a large number of services, has been creating search engines for every possible area of the internet, thus creating new services. Froogle may not compete with other online stores, it means to beat everyone by providing an online store that is the best simply because it contains every other store. It is a far better strategy than Yahoo's, which creates a large number of products, many of which are just no good. By not creating the services themselves, they ensure everyone uses Google. You may like Yahoo Mail, but hate their news service, so you don't make Yahoo your portal. Instead you use Google because everything they make is quality, since they rely on the entire resources of the internet as the means to a perfect portal. It is precisely why Google is the home page for far more people than Yahoo is, which is the goal of a portal anyway.

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