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Friday, September 03, 2004
Testing Google's Language Tools
So, I found another really good Google news blog, similar to this one. It's called Zorgloob, but there is one tiny barrier. See, it's "Zorgloob, The french news about Google". Yup, the whole site is in French. So, I do believe I will finally get to test Google's translation filter on a regular basis. It definitely works well, with every single sentence on the translated page being readable. However, some parts of the translation are just silly. Examples:
Astonishing not? From there to think that Google can allow, each one of us, to be caught for grass Hacker, there is only one step.
You are a pro of the programming? You touch your ball in Java, C++, C # or VB.Net?
You know many companies which recruit this way? Too much extremely Googlers!
Always also generous Zorgloob!
One cannot be a journalist with the Barber and Google specialist!

So, who's gonna complain about good news and bad translating little entertainment? I added it to my Blogroll.

UPDATE - Turns out Zorgloob has some useful English blogs, one that collects appearances of Googleguy, a Google employee who answers questions on message boards, and one that collects Google interviews, like the now infamous Playboy interview. Both have been added to the InsideGoogle Blogroll.

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