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Monday, September 13, 2004
What's Inside Google Blogoscoped This Monday
GB has all sorts of good stuff today. First, apparently there are Google Meetups. Meetups, you may remember, are groups set up to allow people of similar interests to "meetup" and discuss what they like so much. They were thrust into the spotlight back when Howard Dean was all the rage. Anyway, there are now 23 Google Meetup Groups, in Chicago, Dayton, San Francisco, New Jersey, Santa Monica, Santa Clara, Fort Worth, Marietta (Georgia), Dilli (India), Bengalûru (India), Bloomington, Eau Claire, Lansing, Raleigh, Seattle, Wichita, Middlesex, Camden, Akron, San Diego, São Paulo, Darmstadt, and of course, right here in New York City. One problem, every single one of them seems to have been set up by one guy on September 3rd, so a lot of them have barely one member at this point. Ten of them have two members, and NYC has seven members. Anyone want to explain to me exactly what goes on at one of these? The next meeting is 10/6.
A member in the Google Blogoscoped forums provides a neat workaround for adding contact groups (read: mailing lists) to gmail. Guess now's as good a time as any to link to my own workaround from months back on how to import your entire contact list from Hotmail. That post, in my decidedly less interesting and rarely updated blog, is precisely what inspired this one.
And finally, Google Blogoscoped makes note of this blog, which has a Google search results design. I'd like to also mention this blog, or this one with a Bloglines-alike layout. Very cool stuff. Now if only I knew how to do that, I could finally have the blog design I've been dreaming of for weeks: A Gmail style blog.
Thanks, of course, to Google Blogoscoped, for doing most of the work for me.

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