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Saturday, October 23, 2004
And Now I'm On Orkut
Today, I got my Orkut invite in the mail, and I'm just starting to check out the service. I got the invite from Orkut Buyukkokten himself, after meeting him at the Google booth at Digital Life. It was actually kind of funny. Here I am, running around thinking I am the king of all reporters, asking questions of everybody I see, and when I realize I am questioning the man whose name the service bears, I kind of wasn't sure what to do, and just sat through the product demo. I just felt like I shouldn't be asking Orkut to show me Orkut; like, he was somehow above that. I can't explain why. I've never had that problem with politicians or public relations people, I even had the balls to ask Chris Rock a horribly racially charged question, but Orkut, he phases me. Go figure.
Anyway, I'm going to start playing around with the service. If you use or have used Orkut, let me know of anything I should know of going in.

If you're the sort that likes it, my filster project was an experiment that worked out well.
Looks like a cool project. I do like it.
You've spoken to the man. Could you tell where he's going with the Orkut thing?

When it just got started (about 3/4 years ago) Orkut had a lot of buzz and was lots of fun. Now the service uptime is reasonably flaky and there haven't been any cool new feature for a long time.
It all feels a bit dead currently. Maybe your experience will be different. Please let us know.
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