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Wednesday, October 27, 2004
Boing Boing Reports Blogger Is Down. Really now!
Can you read this? If you can, Boing Boing is wrong. See, at 3:53, Boing Boing said:

Blogger down.
BB reader Chris sez, "All Blogger sites, including the home page, are down."

Really now! How do you figure?

Yes. I was trying to access Inside Google and couple of other blogspot sites yesterday (India Time) and couldn't. Also didn't load properly.
I'm not saying its impossible that some people had trouble accessing Blogger yesterday. Blogger has always been a little wonky. But to suggest that "Blogger is down", which is a mighty serious claim, when it certainly was not, is just bad reporting. Did Boing Boing do some fact checking before they ran the story? Not likely.
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