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Saturday, October 16, 2004
Do We Need PageRank For The Desktop?
Don Park says Google Desktop can never be as good as Google Search because there's no PageRank. He wishes Desktop could index Windows desktop shortcuts and the Start Menu to determine relevance. Greg Linden responds:
Page rank is great, but I think this overstates its importance. All is not lost without page rank.
I gotta go with Greg on this one. When I spoke to Marrissa Mayer at Digital Life yesterday, she didn't seem so concerned either. It seems Google is putting a lot of faith in the other 150 determining factors it uses and updates constantly. As long as the Desktop ranking algorithm sees constant updates with new ranking code, it should do just fine. Plus, keep in mind that Google Desktop is supposed to replace all those shortcuts we now use. Power users of Desktop will have no shortcuts, making PageRank useless.

Both and Google desktop search really need to start taking into account what the searcher clicks on. This is the one remaining huge variable that Google does not take into consideration.
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