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Monday, October 18, 2004
An Easy Way To Find InsideGoogle
I've noticed in my referral logs that 16% of my referrals lately are coming from searches for this blog by name. This means people remember my blog and want to come back, but forgot to bookmark it, so they search on Google for InsideGoogle. Might I suggest a better way? Just remember this: Yup, I picked up a free .info referral service, to help out anybody who wants to remember the URL. Just please don't link to the .info, since it's completely useless for PageRank purposes.

You mean, Google can't follow http redirects to make sure the real final destination (insidegoogle.blogspace) gets "credited" for links to the referring url? Do you know that as a fact?
When Google detects a redirect, it simply ignores it for indexing purposes. The links to the redirect still count, but since the redirect doesn't show in the index, its still pretty useless.
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