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Monday, October 04, 2004
Gmail Atom Feeds
It just occured to me how significant the addition of Atom feeds to Gmail really is. Now users have an even easier and completely free way to moblog. Any place you can email from, you can blog from, since setting up a blog to automatically draw posts from an RSS feed is far easier than most other moblogging solutions, and completely free. You can send faxes to email addresses, text message to email, pretty much anything. I can't wait to see what cool applications developers come up with that use the Gmail Atom feed to really open up the internet.

Also, here's Micro Persuasion talking about the Atom feeds (via Google Blogoscoped).

The feed still has to be authenticated. But what I am reading from various sources is weird. It seems that this is works two ways -- Gmail is a reader, and you can also syndicate your Gmail via a feed.

See what this guy is doing with Sage inside of Firefox (thus the authentication ... not sure how that works).

This guy is right on top of things usually -- bookmark him. Lots of techie stuff here and he seems to be pretty knowledgable on all fronts. (note the blog spamming going on here too! = | Everybody has screenshots.)

Per latest comments at MicroPersuasion the Atom Feed icon is now disappearing from some of the newly updated Gmail accounts, including Steve Rubel's.
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