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Wednesday, October 06, 2004
Gmail's Suggestion Form Updated
Remember Gmail's suggestion form, where you informed Google of the top things you want in Gmail? Well, with Gmail 0.3 now out (that's what I'm calling it anyway), Google's updated the form. There are even little marks to tell you what they already implemented. Some new options on the form include customizable label colors, sorting messages, easier management of multiple attachments, displaying message file sizes, and setting up a vacation response. My top 5 are:
Interestingly, of my top 5 from August, when I first posted about this, only one (spam notifier) has been added, and two are still in my top five. Still, good work improving the interface, Gmail team.

What's the use of this suggestion form? They already have the ideas, they only have to implement them. Or is that like voting for a bug/rfe in bugzilla?
Persumably, Google uses it to allocate resources, putting more work into the most requested features.
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