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Sunday, October 03, 2004
Google All Fired Up... Sorry, Mean Joke
Reports on several blogs that the Google campus was on fire. It has to be a hoax. I mean, a multi-billion dollar hot company starts burning, and no news stories. Here are the blogs talking about it:

The question at Google Answers has one decent answer:
The city fire department was practicing on an abandoned building near
Google HQ. Google HQ's Flamability Index remains unchanged.

That's all the catching up. Now back to your regularly scheduled InsideGoogleness.

Whew! I learned more here in 10 minutes than I have in three days of scanning the headlines.

Good job on the wrap-up. Have you thought about a four-day work week in you future? ;-)
Thanks a lot for the compliment. Its good to know I'm not just serving myself with this blog :-)

I wouldn't mind a shorter week, but I'm such a news junkie that if someone told me I only had to blog four days a week, I'd probably still be here every day. I started this blog for no other reason than because I was already checking all of this news. I figured I might as well collect it all in one place, especially since I'm sure there are at least some other people interested in it.
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