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Wednesday, October 27, 2004
Google Buys Keyhole
Google announced today that it bought Keyhole, a company that provides satellite maps that lets you zoom in and view any location from above. Boy, Google sure likes pissing off people who worry about privacy, don't they?
From the press release:

"With Keyhole, you can fly like a superhero from your computer at home to a street corner somewhere else in the world - or find a local hospital, map a road trip or measure the distance between two points," said Jonathan Rosenberg, vice president, Product Management. "This acquisition gives Google users a powerful new search tool, enabling users to view 3D images of any place on earth as well as tap a rich database of roads, businesses and many other points of interest. Keyhole is a valuable addition to Google's efforts to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful."
Google immediately announced a price cut, from $69.95 to $29.95. Not bad. You can also get a free 7-day trial from

Yet again, Google acquires a company that has had much success analyzing and working with large amounts of data, just like Picasa. See a pattern?

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