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Saturday, October 30, 2004
Google NOT Working On Google Desktop For Mac
Don't you love it when people blow things out of proportion? Boing Boing is reporting that any reports of Google Desktop coming to the Mac are just bogus. Eric Schmidt was asked by Tim O'Reilly if Google was planning a MacOS version, and he said "Yes, and no," that a Mac version would require a new project from the ground up, and that while Google would like to, it wasn't planning anything. O'Reilly explains it, and Sean Bonner backs him up. My, my. Are searchblogs turning into political blogs?

Good find Nathan. Dang, what is this world coming to if you cannot trust a Reuters article. I think I might mark them off my list and stick solely with CNET. ;0)
Next thing you know, the blogosphere will be buzzing with rumors of a strange bulge under Eric Schmidt's jacket.

"It's the new MSN search engine! He stole it, and he's hiding it against his back!"
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