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Thursday, October 07, 2004
Google Paying for Blogger Testers
Blogger has a program in which they are looking for testers. In order to participate, you must have been using Blogger for at least 2 months and be able to drive to their Mountain View offices for a one-hour testing period. For that, Google will hand you a $50 check.

More information at this Blogger User Testing notice.

VIA: Google Blogoscoped

Too bad people outside the Bay Area cannot participate. I am trying to find some excuse to see the GooglePlex!
just wanted to let you know about which just appeared today. you can read about it @

ps: give me credit for the tip ;)
Thanx Jesse. Just blogged it.

Ram - it would be fun to be a guinea pig for Google eh? I am a little off the beaten path of Mountain View and probably will not get that chance.

I did do testing for Microsoft once, many years ago. They put me in a room with a computer on a table and it was the first time that I saw Windows 95. Weird experience, cuz they looked at you on the other side of two-way mirror. I felt like a rat. ;-)
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