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Friday, October 29, 2004
Google Says To Vote, Google Employees Say To Vote For John Kerry
Yesterday, the official Google Blog told everybody to vote. They didn't endorse anyone, but if you want to guess who they would endorse, it wouldn't take a lot of thinking. Political Money Line has a listing of campaign contributions, and if you search for Google, this is what you get:
Google employees donated a total of $130,365 to Democrats and Democrat-backing groups. Contributions went to:
  • John Kerry - $86,500 [includes: Kerry Victory 2004 (a DNC committee) - $55,250 and John Kerry For President - $31,250]
  • Democratic National Committee - $8,500
  • - $6,165
  • Anna Eshoo For Congress - $5,000
  • Maine Democratic State Committee - $5,000
  • Dean For America - $4,200
  • The (Edward John) Markey Committee - $4,000
  • Campaign For A New Majority Committee - $2,500
  • Gephardt For President - $2,000
  • (Ronald Lee) Wyden For Senate - $2,000
  • Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee - $1,000
  • Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee - $1,000
  • Cantwell 2006 - $1,000
  • Samara For Congress - $500
  • Democratic Senatorial Campaign - $250
  • Erskine Bowles For US Senate - $250
  • Committee To Re-Defeat The President - $250
  • Clark For President - $250
Google employees donated a total of $3,250 to Republicans. Contributions went to:
  • Bush-Cheney '04 - $3,250

Google employees donated a total of $1,850 to non-partisan issue groups and third party candidates. Contributions went to:

  • Intellectual Property Action Committee - $1,600
  • Nader For President 2004 - $250
By far, the most generous contributor was Google CEOEric Schmidt, with $2,000 for Gephardt, $4,000 for Anna Eshoo, $2,000 for Wyden, and $27,000 for John Kerry, $35,000 in total. Sergey Brin and Larry Page are nowhere to be found on the list. Mucho thanks to Gary at Search Engine Watch Blog and John Battelle, for the links. You can also check out Yahoo's Political Action Committee, which tends to spread the money around better, and your own neighbors via Fundrace.

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