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Monday, October 11, 2004
Google SMS Needs Some Work
The Seattle Times says "It's a good thing Google's new text-messaging information service is still in beta." This because Google SMS, reached by code GOOGL (46645) on your cell phone, yields plenty of inaccurate results, including restuarants that are out of business and in other countries. I know how hard it is to find anything locally in Google, but with Google SMS, there is the added problem that you are likely paying twice for each query, sometimes 10 cents each way, and if Google isn't helping, its just a big frustrating waste of money.

That's been mentioned in Google FAQs already. Google SMS service itself is free, and you can get up to 3 messages for any query. I don't think Seattle Times understands how it works when they made that statement.
Google SMS may be a freee service, but for most mobile phone users, SMS is not free.
Yes that's correct.... but, that's not in the hands of Google. Google brought the searching to cell phone from a desktop. Google is providing the search by SMS and also by WAP. So, anybody who has either plan can make use of it. Google is making the service available for those who wants to use it. And I think AT&T has free incoming text messages, but I may be wrong.
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