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Friday, October 22, 2004
Google's Jeff Dean Talks About Google File System And Clustering
Greg Linden saw Jeff Dean's talk at the University of Washington, and Jeff, one of Google's software engineers, talked about the company's research into clustering, that is separating search results by meaning, not words, and showed a demo of how that will work in the next update to the search system. Also, he talked about the Google file system used to coordinate more than a dozen copies of the web on computers on several continents. If you want to see the future technology behind Google, you should check out the video of his talk when it is uploaded to the archives on this page. If you're as obsessed with anything Google like I am, you'll be waiting.

UPDATE: The videos are up, and the one thing that grabbed me was that Jeff describes Google's coming clustering search as being similar to the clustering Google News uses, which could make it a very effective solution.

The archives are up!!!!

Thanks for the notice, WaD!
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