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Sunday, October 10, 2004
Help With Authenticating Gmail Atom Feeds
Webstractions has a tip on how to authenticate Gmail Atom feeds in many RSS feed readers. The tip comes from a comment by "Cow" in Redemption In A Blog. Basically, instead of using the typical Atim feed URL of, use, substituting the correct information. I still can't get it to work in Bloglines, but at least a larger number of people can use it now.

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I am using it in Firefox right now. It worked fine.

At first, I thought it did not work ... but it will only show up when there are *new* messages. The RSS feed does not send older messages. Try a test message and see it that will do the trick.
Anonymous, I just gave bloglines a shot using your technique (ie, having new mail in my inbox while trying to add the feed to my bloglines account) and it did not work.

Perhaps this is something on blogline's side?
I am assuming Anonymous was using Live Bookmarks, not Bloglines. You can't authenticate feeds in Bloglines, so unless there's a way around that, it just won't work.

It was suggested you could turn the Atom feed into an RSS feed in Feedburner. Try that, I'd be very interested in seeing if it worked.
Just using the works fine in desktop aggregators like NetNewsWire. Using URL credentials (I assume you mean to use https and not http) seems kind of sketchy to me.
Inserting your password into a URL is a really terrible idea from a security standpoint, especially when not using an SSL connection.
This technique works for Firefox live bookmarks and also for Sage. But not for Bloglines. Also, Feedburner doesn't convert GMail's atom feed to RSS feed. This could be because of https. Feedburner did convert my atom feed from Blogger to RSS, though.
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