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Monday, October 04, 2004
Holy Jebus!
I just checked my site traffic, and so far today I broke my old record by more than 1000%. Obviously, I'm thrilled that my hard work is finally getting noticed, but who the hell linked to me to send so much traffic?
Either way, new visitors, I welcome you, and encourage you to look around. In just the short span of two months, I have accumulated an enormous amount of information, news and commentary on Google, search engines, and internet technologies. Come back for more, I update like a madman.

Glad I found your site - I'm among the 1000% of new readers as of today. FYI I got here via
Welcome! Looking through my referrals, it seems to not be any specific site (like getting Slashdotted, which incidentally was the only place I submitted to), but a viral stroke of luck, where lots of blogs read each other and linked to the same place, namely the post about the new Gmail features. Works for me. Hopefully InsideGoogle can now really take off.
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