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Thursday, October 07, 2004
How to view cached pages at MSN Tech Preview
A number of people around the forums have mentioned that they could not view the cache at MSN Tech Preview via the link provided.

Looking at the link in your status bar you will notice that they are using an IP address for their cached pages. Sometimes (probably most of the time) this IP address is unavailable.

You can access the cached page by substituting the IP address with in it's place.

Nathan mentioned that he did not have any pages in the Index yet , but not any more. Woot, woot!

Here is a look at Nathan's page in the MSN cache. Just in case they take down the Preview site, I have saved a copy of the page.

I noticed something curious about these cached pages. They are showing the CSS styling code at the top of the page. That is curious that this code would show up.

I am now wondering if we can use keywords as CSS element selectors? Would be interesting to run a test on that.

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