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Sunday, October 24, 2004
InsideGoogle Community On Orkut
I'm just getting the hang of Orkut, and I thought to myself: Why not kick off my experiment with an InsideGoogle community? There don't seem to be any active discussion forums about Google on Orkut, so why not start one. Now, true believers, you have somewhere to rant and rave about all things Google, and about any other items I post about. Obviously, you need to be an Orkut member, but I'm sure any InsideGoogle reader can figure out how to get one. So, the community is naturally called InsideGoogle, and please, sign up and start ranting (actually, ranting is against community rules; I'm a happpy person).

I'd love to join the community, but I have one minor problem....I don't have an Orkut user/pass. Think you could hook me up with an invite?
Many thanks for the invite. The Google booths were so packed last Saturday at Digital Life that I didn't feel like waiting in line at the Orkut station. I started stamping my own book, until one of the green shirts caught me and made me feel unwelcome in the area. : )
I also don't have an Orkut account. Does generosity strike twice? ;)
Since Gary was so generous with me, I saved him some time and invited you with my new found membership. I could use some friends in my group anyway. : ) Enjoy.
Why, thank you. :)
Yeah, Harry, I was confused when you thanked me, knowing I hadn't gotten around to inviting you yet. Welcome to Orkut! Hope you're enjoying it already.
You weren't the only confused one. I though maybe Gary was your undercover name or something like that. : ) Orkut's server seems a little unreliable in the time I've been using it. Either that, or it's my DSL, which wouldn't totally shock me.
It's not just your connection, Orkut has been running just plain terribly for me since I got it. I hope this isn't how it normally runs, because with this many 404s, it's a disaster.
Anyone still feeling generous to hook me up with an invite?
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