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Thursday, October 28, 2004
Linspire Allows One-Click Google Searches Everywhere
Linspire, a Linux operating system company, today unveiled new features today for its internet suite called "Hot Words", that allow users to click on any word on any web page or in any email, and conduct an instant Google search. Users of the Google Toolbar have been able for a while to right-click on any selected text to search Google for it, but Linspire's technology allows for more advanced options. It lets you choose, via its pop-up menu, web, Google News, or Froogle searches, as well as conduct spell checks on anything you type. Michael Robertson, Linspire's CEO, says:
Searching needs to evolve beyond putting tool bars into browsers. If searching is embedded directly in the operating system, people can immediately search when they want to. This is an emerging trend -- you'll soon see this kind of search implemented in all operating systems. With Hot Words, Linspire is leading the way toward integrating effortless, efficient searches directly into the user experience.
Also, because Linspire is built on the Gecko layout engine used by Mozilla/Firefox, it should integrate seamlessly into those browsers. Linspire users can download the new suite here.

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