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Friday, October 15, 2004
Microsoft: Google Is Kicking Our Butt
I stole this post from a Microsoft Developer's blog:
Uh-oh, it's google

So now I have GMail, the Google Toolbar, the Google Deskbar, and the Google Desktop. To search MSDN help, I use google. At home, all my computers use Google as their home page. When I want to browse the web on my phone, I use Google Number Search.

See a trend here?

I work for Microsoft. I own plenty of Microsoft stock. I want Microsoft to succeed. But right now Google is kicking our butt. We're so far behind everyone else on these things, and Google is so far ahead of everyone else.

Both Cyrus and Mini-Microsoft have noticed.

I say "right now" because I think it'll change. Microsoft is working hard to change the picture. I think we can do it. Watch Microsoft pull all the peices together & produce a highly-integrated, high-performance, high-value story that is 10x better than Google.

It should be exciting.

(Via Dirson)

Anybody who uses language like "[producing] a highly-integrated, high-performance, high-value story" is going to continue to get his ass kicked.
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