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Saturday, October 02, 2004
More, More, More!
Andy Beal's got lots of goodies for us:

First, a report by eWeek that MSN is holding some focus groups where it invites bloggers, researchers and others to Redmond to test its new search engine, still in beta, and try to improve it. The program is called Search Champs, and extra points are awarded for Spirit and Togetherness (okay, I added that last part, but it does sound like a stupid summer camp program). Robert Scoble got the free trip, so did Liz Lawley, but Andy surmises his invite must have been lost in the mail.

Stupid SEO Tricks: Traffic Power has been running some fake forums talking about how great they are, after getting banned. The forums talk about how great they are, and some people posting about the fake forums are seeing their posts deleted.

Internet News says the new beta of MSN Messenger will include search, to better push MSN Search through IM. Great idea, since Messenger has much better market share than MSN Search. Of course, this is another case of Microsoft trying to win an industry by bundling products with Windows, so we'll have to see how it all turns out when the product launches. The beta is due Monday.
And finally, Business 2.0 says the presidential campaigns are underutilizing keyword advertising, and they're absolutely right. Any page with a political topic is filled with ads from 527 groups, when they could be linking to or Howard Dean got the internet right, but it'll take until the next election for actual, winnable candidates to pull it off.
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