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Tuesday, October 05, 2004
More On The MSN Search Preview
I finally got to try out the MSN Search Preview and there are a few things I've noticed:

That is weird. I did "webstractions" and found 1341 results, but when I hit the fifth page -- the result count changed to 2523 (almost doubled) while I was paging thru it.

When I paged back ... the total results went back to 1341 (even after refresh). Some kind of bug in the reporting. But if you remember the last Preview, the total results were not there at that time.

They sure are digging up some stuff I have not come across yet. Finding some, unknown til know, references to my site. Wonderful surprise. ;-)

Heck they even dug up two Blogger Profiles with webstractions in it, some .cgi comments from MovableType blogs, and MSNbot is actually crawling sites with SID numbers in them too (many forum references are showing SID's). I don't know if this is a good thing, or a bad thing. (probably bad on the whole)

Here is a neat trick. There is a "count=10" in the url -- up that to how many results you want to display (less work this way). I upped it to 100 and the results popped right up.

Using the site: command -- I got only 26 pages. But, get this, if I used the site: with my domain, plus the word "webstractions", I got 82 pages listed. Something wrong with the site: command.

The fonts are too small, btw, but I am viewing thru Firefox. A lot of sites are small (probably built for IE). But I do remember the font being rather large in IE before.
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