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Tuesday, October 05, 2004
My Yahoo Search Beta, Again? This Time Its Different, And Its Big, Oh, Its Big
There's an all new, all different My Yahoo in beta, but this time its personal search, Yahoo's first foray into an area A9 and MyJeeves have made de riguer these last few weeks. That means Google is now the only major player without personal search in development (except the not very good Google Personalized Search). Time to get moving, boys!
As Yahoo puts it:
But getting back to the here and now... vision aside, our user research has shown that My Yahoo! Search addresses a whole host of everyday search problems. If you've ever experienced the tedium of searching again for something you found before but can't quite remember, if you've ever been annoyed by search results you don't like but show up again and again, if you ever wanted to share something you found in search but were forced to cut-and-paste... give My Yahoo! Search a shot.

John Battelle says that it lets you save searches, make annotations, block sites, and share search results.

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