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Saturday, October 02, 2004
Oh God! 530 New Bloglines Items!
I go away for three days and Bloglines proudly announces I have 530 unread items. Oh god, kill me now. Kind of underscores the need for a guest blogger (applications are still being accepted).

First Google Blogoscoped. Phillip has a poll asking what you want to see in Google's future. Currently "Better search results" is leading with 34%. I voted that way too, although I wouldn't mind some actual money from my ads. There's also a poll on where you want to work. Oh, and what the hell: Seraphim Proudleduck. There, I said it.

From Google's blog, we get the full GLAT (Google Labs Aptitude Test), so you can print it out and mail it in. Give up. You're gonna fail. Also, Google now has 103 international domains. Check out the full list. And who knew Google means "sunglasses in Norwegian?

CBS Market Watch says:

You know paid search has really come of age when a day after Merck recalls its arthritis and painkiller Vioxx drug, class-action lawyers instantaneously begin bidding for the term "Vioxx" on paid-search engines.

Also, Forbes basically suggests Microsoft seems to have given up on Hotmail. While I'm sure MS hasn't given up in that part of the war, their efforts lately have been far below stellar. And the Internet Search Engine Database has a rundown of what it thinks about Google.

437 more to go...

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