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Friday, October 29, 2004
SEO This!
PR Newswire announced a service they are offering to optimize your press releases. They announced it in this press release. The irony, as explained by Andy Beal at Search Engine Lowdown: They announced it four weeks ago, but nobody noticed it, since they didn't optimize the release! Oh, yeah. Great job. Taking a quick look at the release, it seems like they didn't optimize it at all. Perhaps they should release a new version that is optimized, and maybe we'll see some improvement, thus making it a good advertisement, instead of just embarrassing.

To be fair:
The press release is dated October 5th
The enhancement, as detailed in the release, didn't go live until October 12th
Still, even if they didn't want to use the service just yet, they could have used SOME simple SEO tactics, since they supposedly know what their doing.
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