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Wednesday, October 06, 2004
This Could Be Your Home... For The Rest Of The Week!
Great, just as my traffic hits new heights, I need to go away for Thursday - Saturday and won't be able to blog. I'm still looking for a guest blogger. All you have to do is be willing to blog several times a day, checking diligently to make sure not to miss any major news (and feel free to plug any other blogs of your own while you do it). You have to be someone who's been blogging for at least a decent amount of time, so I know I can trust you. Any takers? Comment or IM to apply. I've got to pick someone by tonight.

I can do that for you Nathan. No problem. I am plugged into most of the sources you monitor (but I read you first of course ... hehehe).
Excellent! IM me after 5. My AIM name is in my profile.
AIM? What is that. Only kidding.

I do not have AIM. I do have YIM though.

How about email? dodger[at] if you want to drop me a line there.
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