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Wednesday, October 06, 2004
We Have A Guest Blogger!
Thankfully, when I leave in a little over an hour, InsideGoogle will not go dark. Dodger from Webstractions will be your host for the next 72 hours and change, and since he already blogs about this stuff, there should be plenty of good news for both my loyal readers. I'm thrilled to have him, since his blog is one of the blogs I rely on anyway.

And don't dispair, I'll be back Saturday night, posting like a madman again. Also, next week should be a very informative one, since I will spend Thursday and Friday blogging from the Digital Life conference in New York's Javitz Center. Make sure to tune back during those days for what should be some excellent info straight from the executives mouth, from exhibitors Google, Intel, Microsoft, Motorola, PC Magazine, AOL, Toshiba, XM Radio, AT&T, and whoever else I track down for an interview. If you will be attending, let me know so I can say hi (I'll be the blond one who never strays from his laptop).

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