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Saturday, October 09, 2004
Will Gmail Change your Email Habits?
Scoble seems to think it will oddly enough and he is attributing this to his friends.
"I find that my friends with Gmail accounts are forcing me to also get a Gmail account so that they can email me large files (I believe Gmail allows you officially to email, and accept, files as large as 10MB, but unofficially Chris Uhlik from Google told us at FooCamp that you can email, and accept, files as large as about 15MB)."
Robert asks the question, "Are you finding that your email usage is changing because of this too"?

Possibly. It is definitely tempting to use it as a storage medium which will allow you access to large files anywhere there is an Internet connection.

He also has some advice on obtaining more invites to hand out:
"...did you know Gmail has an email rank? The more you use it, the more invites you get, for instance. Those are generated by the ranking algorithm. Again, according to Uhlik from Google."

G-mail does indeed incorporate a ranking algorithm. For months I was given extra E-mail invites as I sent more. There appears to be a caveat though. When I sent inivites to an address I used when I registered with G-mail (my wife couldn't follow the link via her company E-mail) my replenishment ceased, even recieving more than 50 E-mails and sending a dozen a day. Now I'm trying to get back on that algorithm's good side.
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